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Paint Protection Film in Stamford

Protect your car's paintwork against chips, scrathes and scuffs with industry-leading XPEL Paint Protection Film, includes a 10-year waranty, self-healing technology and your choise of gloss or matte PPF.
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Paint Protection Film Packages

Protect your vehicle with unmatched Paint Protection Film (PPF) services in Ketton, Stamford.

Front Bumper PPF

front bumper ppf
From £450
Plus VAT
☑️ Front Bumper Only
☑️ 1-2 Day Turnaround
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Front End PPF

front end
From £1350
Plus VAT
☑️ Front Bumper
☑️ Bonnet
☑️ Wings
☑️ Headlights
☑️ 2-3 Day Turnaround
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Track Pack PPF

performance pack
From £1750
Plus VAT
☑️ Front Bumper
☑️ Bonnet
☑️ Wings
☑️ Headlights
☑️ Side Skirts
☑️ Partial Rear Arch
☑️ 3 Day Turnaround
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Full Car PPF

full car
From £3500
Plus VAT
☑️ All Exterior Paint Surfaces
☑️ Headlights
☑️ Rear Lights
☑️ 3-5 Day Turnaround
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Optional Extras

Additional protection products that can be added to any package or service, for more extensive protection. 

Ceramic Coating

Add on for £350

Wheel Coating

Add on for £150

Glass Coating

Add on for £75

Interior Coating

Add on POA
ceramic coating add on for ppf titan coatings

Special Offer

Full car protection package includes PPF & Ceramic Coating

Our new full car hybrid protection package includes the best of both worlds with front end paint protection film to protect those high risk areas from chips and scratches, as well as ceramic coating for the rest of the vehicle to provide a similarly glossy and hydrophobic finish.
From £2000
☑️ Front End PPF
☑️ Single Stage Paint Correction
☑️ 1 Year Ceramic Coating
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paint protection film

XPEL Certified Installer.

XPEL Paint Protection Films.

JJ Detailing is proud to be the only XPEL Certified Installer in Stamford (East Midlands).

Often referred to as “PPF,” XPEL Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting high impact areas, or even doing full coverage car wraps . Keep your paint safe from chips, scratches, and road debris with glossy ULTIMATE PLUS™ or satin finish STEALTH™ today.


ULTIMATE FUSION is an optically clear, high gloss, self-healing film that protects vehicles from rock chips, scuffs, and light scratches. Developed with a hydrophobic top-coat, the film’s naturally slick surface helps repel water, making protected surfaces easier to wash and stay clean.

Full Breakdown

• Pre Rinse
• Arches - Door Struts cleaned
• Snowfoam Pre Wash Applied
• 2 Bucket Safe wash method
• Wheels fully cleaned inside out.
• Paintwork Decontamination.
• De-tar.
• De-iron.
• Clay the Paintwork to remove bonded contamination
• Final rinse
• Plush towel dry
• Fully Blown dry to release trapped water
• A cutting compound is used to remove deeper marks, swirls and haze
• A refining polish is done to enhance the finish and add gloss
• Inspected Under Professional Lighting
• Panel Wipe to Remove Residue.
• Each panel inspected before the protection stage
• Paintwork Protection - See below
•Wheel Protection - See below
• Glass - Trim Protection see below.
• Interior is wiped down, leather lightly cleaned
• Thoroughly Hoover out
• Exhaust Polished
• Exterior chrome-work polished

Please note the price of the detail depends on the size and condition of the vehicle upon inspection.

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Rated Excellent with 5 Stars 
tp reviews

"Second car I’ve had done with Josh..."

Second car I’ve had done with Josh and his team and he has knocked it out of the park again!

Had full PPF coverage done this time and he kept me updated throughout the whole process. Asked how I wanted certain panels, badges done. Answered all the long questions I had as well.

Highly recommend!

Matthew Percival

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film installed with full coverage on this Tesla Model 3.
tesla ppf paint protection film

Paint Protection Film FAQ's

What is Paint Protection Film or PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF), commonly referred to within the automotive industry, is a thin, clear film applied to a vehicle's exterior to protect the paint from scratches, chips, stains, and other environmental damages.

I'm Josh, the proud owner of JJ Detailing in Stamford, East Midlands, I've seen firsthand the incredible benefits that PPF can offer to vehicle owners.

Since establishing JJ Detailing in 2017, I have dedicated my team to providing top-notch detailing services, and becoming XPEL certified PPF installers was a significant milestone for us.

At JJ Detailing, we're passionate about preserving the pristine condition of your vehicle. That's why we're thrilled to offer XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth Matte PPF, two of the industry's leading products.

Why choose XPEL Paint Protection Film?

XPEL PPF is the UK's most popular paint protection film for several reasons. Firstly, its unparalleled clarity ensures that the beauty of your vehicle's paintwork shines through without alteration. Additionally, the self-healing technology of XPEL films means that minor scratches and swirls disappear with heat exposure (from sunlight, hot water or engine heat), keeping your car looking as good as new.

XPEL Ultimate Plus is designed for those who desire a high-gloss finish, offering exceptional protection without compromising the vehicle's shine. For those who prefer a sleek, satin finish, XPEL Stealth Matte is an excellent choice. It not only protects but also transforms the look of your vehicle, giving it a distinctive, matte appearance.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right PPF is crucial for ensuring your vehicle's longevity and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. At JJ Detailing, we take pride in our meticulous installation process, ensuring every inch of your car is protected. Our expertise as XPEL certified installers guarantees that you receive the highest standard of service and satisfaction.

Protecting your investment with PPF is a wise decision for any vehicle owner. Not only does it preserve the vehicle's appearance, but it also enhances its resale value by keeping the paint in impeccable condition. Whether you're looking to protect a daily driver or a luxury sports car, our team at JJ Detailing is here to provide you with the best paint protection solutions in the market.

In conclusion, paint protection film is more than just a protective layer, it's an investment in your vehicle's future. And at JJ Detailing, we're committed to helping you make the most of that investment with our expertise and the superior quality of XPEL PPF.

PPF creates a barrier on your vehicle's exterior surfaces, shielding them from scratches, rock chips, road debris, and other damage risks. Its self-healing properties also allow it to absorb impacts and revert to its original form, maintaining a flawless finish.
Yes, PPF can be applied to any vehicle, regardless of make or model. Our team at JJ Detailing is skilled in custom-fitting PPF to any vehicle shape and size.
We offer a range of PPF services tailored to your needs, including Full Car, Front End, Track Pack and Front Bumper PPF, including Ceramic Coating add-ons.
Full Car PPF provides complete coverage for your vehicle, offering the ultimate protection against all forms of damage. Front End PPF, on the other hand, focuses on protecting the most vulnerable areas of your car, such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, and side mirrors.

Yes, we offer a PPF Ceramic Coating add-on service. Applying Ceramic Coating on top of PPF not only adds an extra layer of protection but also enhances the gloss and hydrophobic properties of your vehicle's surface, making it easier to clean.
The installation time can vary depending on the coverage area and complexity of the vehicle. A full car PPF installation can take up to 5 days, while front end or front bumper installations typically take 1-3 days. We strive to minimise downtime and ensure your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Ketton, Stamford

Our Latest Reviews


Josh did a full front end PPF install on my new MINI JCW, and ceramic coated the full car. Absolutely outstanding job, great communication throughout, and most of all, the aftercare willingness was 10 star!


After the PPF on my Porsche 911 was damaged, Josh at JJ Detailing was able to get it sorted out and have the car back to immaculate in no time. Great attention to detail and great service. Able to set up a bodywork maintenance schedule with Josh too.

Andy Hubbard

Great communication and service from initial contact to completion. Had the whole car in PPF and Josh explained the materials and process very thoroughly. Would use again

Elliott James

Credit to Josh! I sent my car in for full front end PPF, detail, ceramic coating as well as glass and wheel treatment. The car looks stunning. Most importantly to me his communication from the moment I sent an enquiry was fantastic, took the time to explain as well as sending me photos of the progress. I also trust if there is to be a single issue no matter how minor then he will resolve without a fuss and the curing/bonding time of the film etc. were all fully explained so you can be content walking away.. I wholly recommend if you want a professional, conscientious and passionate job with an amazing finish. Worth every one of the five stars..

Jordan Worrall

Josh and the JJ Detailing team have a great eye for detail... they transform the look of vehicles. Whether it be valets, detailing, correction, protective coatings or PPF whatever it goes in for it comes out shining!! Cars treated like their own so rest assured it'll be in good hands... Along with an after care service that is rare to find now in this industry!! Highly recommended. A+++++

Michael Thomas

JJ Detailing prides itself on performing a quality of service that will please any customer. Josh and his team are prepared to discuss the detailing expectations of each customer and give expert advice on types of detailing JJ Detailing uses high quality materials and advanced detailing technology to produce an end product that the customer will be very proud of. Josh’s attention to detail and a very friendly service are hallmarks of his work. I was very pleased with the ceramic polish and protection film applied to my new Tesla Model Y I would recommend JJ Detailing to any customer who wants the best for their car. Michael Thomas, Tinwell

Wow from start to finish, met josh where he looked over my Range Rover 2009 and evaluated the work needed to bring it back to looking like new. After leaving with him for a few days i returned after josh called to inform me the vehicle was done. I made my way to the workshop with anticipation walked in and wow wow wow i was blown away with the results, wheel refurb looked fantastic as too the paintwork and finish. If youre looking for car detailing this is the place to go, fantastic service and results. Thank you again

Scott Raffan

Took my new to me, but previously neglected 208 GTi to Josh as the paint work had been heavily marred. We went for a 2 stage polish and basic ceramic coat and the results we insane. Great communication, great service and a very fair price for the quality of work. I would recommend JJ Detailing to anyone looking to protect their car or restore to former glory (or better!).

Rachael Cave

Just picked up my car from JJ Detailing. I’d neglected it over last 18months with working from home and very little travel. Josh spent 4 days on bringing the paint work back to gleaming and also carrying out a deep clean inside and on the fabric roof. I decided to go for the full package after Josh spent time with me explaining all the options. I now have my beautiful car back that I can be proud of and the knowledge that the protection on my car with the ceramic coating applied will help with future care. Highly recommend Josh and JJ Detailing.

Steve Burtt

Highly recommended company, Josh and his team over a superb service. I’ve used them for various jobs from ceramic coating to mobile valet services and have always been impressed.

Stuart Chapple

Great professional service! Amazing result with ceramic coating. Also great mobile detailing service. Highly recommend!

Extremely professional and friendly. I am very satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend to my friends. My car has never looked better.

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