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Any contamination is removed from the vehicle via an intense cleanse followed by a single stage machine polish using a light refinishing polish to correct minor defects such as light swirl marks. Deeper imperfections will remain however, the detail will significantly improve the overall appearance of the vehicle giving it a glossy finish and colour depth.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Ideal for vehicles with minor defects and swirling on the paintwork, enhance the gloss and depth of the colour.​


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• Pre Rinse
• Arches - Door Struts cleaned
• Snowfoam Pre Wash Applied
• 2 Bucket Safe wash method
• Wheels fully cleaned inside out.
• Paintwork Decontamination.
• De-tar.
• De-iron.
• Clay the Paintwork. to remove bonded contamination
• Final rinse
• Plush towel dry
• Fully Blown dry to release trapped water
• Each Panel Correctly Machine Polished Using Light Polishing To Remove Light Swirls & Hazing & add more gloss to the paintwork.
• Inspected Under Professional Lighting.
• Panel Wipe to Remove Residue.
• Each panel inspected before the protection stage
• Paintwork Protection
•Wheel Protection
• Glass - Trim Protection
• Interior is wiped down, leather lightly cleaned
• Thoroughly Hoover out
• Exhaust Polished
• Exterior chrome-work polished

Please note the price of the detail depends on the size and condition of the vehicle upon inspection.

Enhancement Detail From £400

Choose your coating package:
Modesta BC-08 Entry Level Coating £200
Modesta BC-04 Advanced Coating £350
Modesta BC-05 Advanced Hydrophobicity Coating £400
Modesta BC04 + BC-05 Ultra Durable Dual Layer Coating £700
Modesta BC-09 Wheel & Calliper Coating £150
Modesta EGC Glass Coating £100
Modesta LPS Leather Coating £200
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Please contact to arrange accurate quotation for your vehicle, subject to vehicle size and condition.
Please Note: All pricing is subject to vehicle size and inspection.

At JJ Detailing, we specialise in luxury safe cleaning, professional paint correction and protection for your vehicle. Our studio in Ketton, near Stamford and Peterborough, has been tailored with all the specialist detailing needs for your car, ranging from bespoke professional lighting to a state of the art lift system and on-site intruder alarm.

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