Is paint protection film worth it?

Published On 14/02/2022

Many car owners wonder if paint protection film (PPF), is worth the money, as it continues to grow in popularity. Here at JJ Detailing, as experts in the field with hundreds of vehicles successfully installed, we have some thoughts about paint protection film and its value to assist you to make an informed decision.

How does paint protection film work?

The paint protection film is a clear, ultra-thin urethane plastic that car owners apply to car paint surfaces. It prevents rock chips and bug splatters from causing permanent damage to the car's paintwork, by creating a barrier between car paint and other elements that cause car paint scratches.

Does paint protection film work?

Yes, car protection film works very well. Despite a car owner's best efforts to park carefully and avoid scratching their car paintwork, or a random stone clipping their car on the motorway, there will be times when accidents happen. The beauty of car paint protection film is that it takes the damage instead of car paint, and minimises the cost of car painting in such cases. If you're lucky, you'll escape 100% damage free, too!

When does car protection film not work?

Car protection film is not bulletproof. The film can be pierced, but the paint is usually protected since the majority of the force is absorbed by the film. If the object that smashes into your car is sharp enough or if it travels at a high speed, it may go through and harm the paint, although this damage will be significantly less than what would have occurred had there been no film at all. More and more PPF manufacturers are releasing thicker or more refined films, that work tremendously well at high impact. PPF will not permanently fix any damage that has already occurred to your car's bodywork; rather, it protects against future potential damages when it is applied to car surfaces including car panels and car doors.

What are the benefits of paint protection film?

Benefits of paint protection film include:

  • Stone chips and scratches are prevented - With vehicle paint protection film, you will never have to worry about your car looking battle-worn again since it will prevent any damage or nicks on the paintwork.
  • Sunlight damage prevention - UV rays can fade the surface of car colour and this problem can be further augmented if there are any untreated scratches or dents on the body, as they allow more sunlight to reach the car. These
  • The finish of the vehicle is preserved - If you are someone who likes to keep your car in pristine condition at all times, then PPF should be a no-brainer for you! This protective layer prevents damage caused by rocks, bugs, chemicals and other problems that can occur while driving on various surfaces. The car paint is protected from most car problems, so car owners can steer clear of car repair costs.

Can you install car paint protection film yourself?

For car owners who would like to install car protection film on their own, it is important that they understand the necessary precautions that need to be taken to ensure a successful job. You should always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully before attempting car protection installation. If you are not sure about what you should be doing, get in touch with a professional car paint protection installer near you - PPF installs will guarantee your satisfaction and result in good value for your money.

Can car protection film be removed?

Car paint protection film is not etched into car paint, and car owners can remove it if they wish.

How long does car protection film last?

There's no set time frame for how long car protection film lasts, as it depends on many factors such as:

  • Surface type (deterioration due to different surfaces will depend on the design of the PPF)
  • How often you drive your car (especially off-road or in dusty conditions)
  • Where car protection film is installed (areas prone to car paint damage may need car paint protection film reapplication sooner)

Despite this, car protection film manufacturers offer car owners a warranty against peeling and bubbling. This should give car owners peace of mind that there is some sort of protection for their car paintwork that lasts at least one year after applying the car paint protection film.

At JJ Detailing we are dedicated to offering excellent car care services at affordable prices so contact us today to find out more! If you're interested in finding out more about paint protection film or want to find out if it's suitable for your vehicle, feel free to contact the team today.

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